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There Is A Way To Clean Thin Metal Frame Reading Glasses

Wenzhou Grandee Eyewear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2018

There is a way to clean thin metal frame reading glasses

The principle of clean metal thin frame reading glasses is to keep them bright and clean, free from greasy dirt and scratches. Can use neuter soap or special cleanser to clean, after clean water is cleaned, reoccupy swab paper or delicate face paper to wipe dry, a lot of people have the habit of wiping lens by hand such as cloth horn, handkerchief, this is incorrect action, because coarse material is easy to scratch lens. Clean the fine seams between the frames. Use a soft old toothbrush to gently scrub and remove dirt.

Collect metal thin frame reading glasses carefully

The way that puts metal thin frame to read glasses also wants to form fixed habit, wrap lens with flannelette first, close left lens frame again, just then close right lens frame, in order to prevent metal thin frame to read glasses to suffer pressure, can put metal thin frame to read glasses hard metal thin frame to read glasses to collect a box.

Invisible metal thin frame reading glasses maintenance

Lightly thin contact metal thin frame reading glasses close to the eyeball, once the pollution, immediately and directly harm the eyes, so clean maintenance must not be lazy.

Ooze mud without stain

In addition to patients with eye diseases, the general contact metal thin frame reading glasses will suffer from three types of pollution; One is external pollution, such as dust, grease, cosmetics and detergent in the air. The other is the eye itself, such as protein and mucous secretion in tears. Third, the contamination of bacteria and mold. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance invisible metal thin frame reading glasses in addition to carefully avoid scratches, but also to complete cleaning, sterilization, protein removal tasks.

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