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Planar lens circular sunglasses can be generally divided into three types according to their USES

Source: | Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Planar lens circular sunglasses can be generally divided into three types according to their USES: shading mirror, light-colored planar lens circular sunglasses and special-purpose planar lens circular sunglasses.

The so-called shading mirror, as the name implies, is used for shading the sun. People usually adjust the light flux by adjusting the size of the pupils in the sun. So in the outdoor activity place, especially in summer, many people use the shading mirror to block the sunlight, in order to reduce the fatigue or strong light stimulation caused by the eye regulation.

Light-colored planar lens circular sunglasses are not as good as sunshade glasses in blocking sunlight, but they are rich in color and are suitable to be used with various kinds of clothes and have a strong decorative effect. Because of its rich colors and various styles, light-colored flat lens round sunglasses are favored by young people, and fashionable women love them even more. Special purpose planar lens circular sunglasses have a strong function of blocking the sunlight. They are often used in beaches, skiing, mountain climbing, golf and other fields with strong sunlight.

Different people choose planar lens round sunglasses according to different preferences and different USES, but the most fundamental thing is to start from the basic principles that can guarantee the safety and vision of wearers. The basic function of circular sunglasses with flat lens should be to reduce strong light stimulation, clear and undeformed vision, prevent ultraviolet radiation, recognize color without distortion and accurately identify traffic signals.

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